Scrabble’s not buying;

Neither should we

Have you come across the word ecosocialism in the New York Times or your Walmart checkout line? If not, here’s a definition from Wiktionary:

Ecosocialism (noun): An idealogy merging aspects of Marxism, socialism, green politics, ecology, etc., that opposes capitalism.

I am instantly unimpressed when Crazy Uncle Karl is involved, but I knew for sure I won’t be joining the Ecosocialist Party, Ecosocialist Movement or Ecosocialist Pickleball League when Milton Bradley weighed in.

Ecosocialism, it turns out, is NOT an approved Scrabble word. So, plant a tree. Re-use your plastic straws. Buy a hybrid. But dance with the one who brought you.

Teach a kid the truth about capitalism … and that ecosocialism isn’t a word, much less a rational line of thought.

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