Retreaded pols die hard

Who is Bill Weld . . . and who cares?

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, one of the last living survivors of the Salem Witch Trials, is challenging incumbent Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination. Could this signal Republican party dissatisfaction with Donald Trump?

Weld says he feels called to mount a youth movement because frontrunners Trump (Republican) and unannounced Democrat Joe Biden will be 74 and 78 years old on inauguration day in 2021.

    Billy the Kid Wells: The world needs a pro-choice republican?

Reminded that he will be 75 himself, Weld changed the subject to stress what he views as his strong suit in presidential politics.

“Joe was vice president for 8 years, and Trump works at the White House, but I think of them as grizzled interns,” Weld said while sipping his third Ensure shake of the day. “Don’t ever forget, I ran as a Libertarian for Veep in 2016 and came within 60 million votes of winning. If only Gary Johnson and I could have flipped 270 electoral votes to go with the none we earned… It was that close! You can’t buy my kind of experience unless you have the Kremlin delegation on your side.”

                          John Kasich: Loyal as a hungry pack of hyenas.

Glazed eyes are also scanning 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, turncoat former Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Maryland chief exec Larry Hogan as possible challengers to Trump. Romney will be 74 and Kasich 68 when the next president is installed. Hogan is a youthful outlier and won’t even be eligible for Medicare on election day. He did show that he’s serious, however, saying that if nominated he will leave the cast of Hogan’s Heroes.

Sgt. Schultz is a Hogan man all the way, but Col. Klink leans toward drafting
Hillary to exploit her experience with the impeachment process.


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