Be wary the Cassowary

Not since Tippi Hedron and Alfred Hitchcock teamed up on The Birds has anything with feathers struck fear in my heart, but out of Florida comes a harrowing story that is scary true.

Do not tangle with this guy.

A 75-year-old Florida man was mauled and killed by a rare Cassowary (or two) he had been raising. The flightless bird has been described as an emu on crack, with four-inch talons and a nasty disposition.

Native to New Guinea, Australia and a few other Pacific locales, the Cassowary is an endangered omnivore. In light of its status as the most dangerous bird since Jurassic Park critters were real, it’s unclear how many folks want to save it.

One thing certain is that Cassowaries are at best a dubious choice for a pet.

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